Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are named after New Zealand birds and each classroom is prepared and presented by our Teachers for age appropriate needs and extension of learning. Our children are always busy exploring their environment, they love discovering and having new experiences.

Our Kiwi Room is for 0-2 year olds babies and young children. The Team is Lisa (Senior Teacher) Kayla and Bernie. These three teachers are the core team and are very experienced in the care of under 2’s.
The babies enjoy a very nurturing environment where they can feel safe and secure as they develop from dependant babies into inquisitive and busy toddlers. Here they are able to explore both inside and outside developing their mobility and communication skills. Each child is allowed to develop each of these important stages at their own pace as their confidence builds.
The kiwi team believe in the Emmi Piklar philosophy of allowing the child to develop all the important physical and communication skills when they are ready and not to rush each stage. Babies are not put into positions where they cannot control their own bodies and respect all their activities as valued learning experiences for the developing child.
Our Pīwakawaka Room provides education for children aged 2 -3 years of age. We are the only centre in Lincoln that recognises the importance of the development that happens within this age group by providing a separate room for them.
Both Megan (Senior Teacher) and Emily are qualified teachers and Megan has also completed additional study based on creating the right learning environments for children of this age group.
The teaching and learning programme in the Pīwakawaka (Fantail) room centres around supporting the children to develop skills within six key areas.
Friendship – I can play and learn with and alongside others. Communication – I can express myself in a variety of situations. Exploration – I can create, be curious, observe and discover. Independence – I can do it for myself. Responsibility – I can look after my things. Respect – I care for people and things.
The Tui Room provides a learning programme for 3-5 year olds, supporting children to develop learning skills they will need for future learning and growing independence. Our Tui room teachers, Chrissy (Senior Teacher), Rebecca and Colleen provide an engaging and interesting environment where children can develop skills and competencies that they will need for primary school. These include being able to make and maintain friendships, being able to look after themselves and their belongings, being eager and willing to learn and challenge themselves, being aware of and polite in social situations.
Teachers encourage children to seek out what is of interest and then support the children to develop further understanding. Teachers provide numerous daily opportunities for children to develop and extend their pre-primary literacy and numeracy skills and understandings.
The Leaping Frog room is a unique learning environment to prepare children for primary school.
Rebecca (our primary trained and early childhood trained Teacher) regularly takes small groups of children to the Leaping Frogs room where she has planned interactive activities that teach numeracy, literacy and social skills.
The children are always excited about their learning experiences in the leaping frogs room!
Rebecca is dedicated to making the transition between preschool and primary school a smooth one, therefore she organises regular visits to the local primary school. Parent and caregivers are encouraged to be involved in this process and it is a great way for children to become more familiar and comfortable about the change.