At Lincoln Village Preschool and Nursery we are committed to building a strong community of learners throughout the centre. We believe in the concept of Ako – whereby children and adults are valued as both teachers and learners, learning alongside each other. Each child is valued as a unique learner who bring with them a variety of strengths, abilities and interests which are nurtured and extended at their own pace.
At Lincoln Village Preschool and Nursery we acknowledge New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage and are committed to Treaty based partnerships which are acknowledged through our relationships, policies and practices. Relationships throughout the centre are based on embedding a culture of respect that is evident in the way teacher’s role model empathy, advocate for children, value parent/whānau contributions and see all children as competent and confident learners. Teachers work collaboratively to provide curriculum experiences that nurture, guide, support and extend children’s identified learning priorities. Curriculum experiences are aligned to the principles and strands of Te Whāriki.
The centre acknowledges their role in valuing priority learners who are often vulnerable and need extra support. We believe in equal opportunities for all learners. We believe with this foundation children will become curious active explorers and learners who are able to make independent choices and act responsibly.